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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dream About Finding Out My Wife Is A Robot

From the outside looking in, the following dream might seem to indicate that I might have issues with my wife. But thats jus not the case, cause my wife and I are best friends. In this dream I'm in this very large and very clean looking facility which is mostly the color white on the inside, I'm waiting with my wife close to a reception style desk.

To my right is some weird looking machines/equipment and 2 former human type robots are disposing of themselves into the machines cause apparently the robots have come to the end of they're life span and dont function anymore. I dont see or remember any moving parts in the machines, the robots are jus slowly being consumed down into the machines, the machines sit up about 3ft from the floor.

Apparently my wifes head is obsolete and not going to work anymore, so someone from behind the reception desk hands us a round container which is about 2ft or more in length. It contains a new human-like robot head which has dark brown skin and long wavvy or curly dark hair.

Tell me if you've had a similar dream?


  1. A funny yet weird dream. I have also have a similar dream like that way back when I was just a kid. I dreamed that my parents have turned into robots and I'm the only human being left in our neighborhood.

  2. Yes I had a similar dream, and she had a button on off..
    a beautiful dream..

  3. @Payday Loans

    Glad I'm not the only one to have this type of dream.


  4. @Paul

    ha ha ha, that's great. Sometimes I wish my wife had an off switch.


  5. So weird! Maybe it is because you don't like a part of your wife's brain? xd

  6. I wish my wife a Robot. So that I can control her using remote. haha

  7. What a strange and unusal dream you had. Did you watch iRobots before you went to bed. I hope its not the wave of the future or my husband might turn me in for a newer model!

  8. Interesting. How did you wife react? Did she take the head? I can see a symbolism in this how we're all - to one degree or another - just robots in a system (you know, going to work 9 to 5, eat, watch TV etc). I only dreamed of a robot once. I was laying in my room awaiting with fear to get examined by a typical grey alien. I knew he was going to come through the door any minute, but instead a robot that hovered above the floor came in. I was so relieved and amused that I woke up.

    p.s.: Maybe your wife is just a clone!? ;-)

  9. Aaron - (Admin)8/27/2010 5:20 PM

    I haven't told her, but she's pretty kool anyway or at least that's what she's led me to believe.
    Wow that dream you had was pretty out there, maybe the greys have taken an interest in you'.

    @Guardian Alert
    irobots? - the flick with Will Smith?

  10. Gosh that's a crazy dream... are you sure your wife would be cool about it if she found out? Maybe you've been watching too many robot movies!

  11. @mad

    she knows my dreams can be pretty wacky, so this dream would probably not come as a surprise to her.

  12. ha ha, what a funny is this dream?

  13. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.


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