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Friday, November 17, 2006

Hostage Dream

In this dream I'm a woman and I have 2 kids which are being held
hostage,2 police come and its like a scene from a movie.One of the
police called 'Tyrell' shoots a suspect twice,I'm so worried about my
kids,my little boy I can't yet find.I go into a bedroom to find my 9
year old daughter crying holding a gun,I embrace her and she cry's more
and she had put a hole in a tv screen sitting in the bedroom(a small
bullet hole).My daughter had neck length straight blond hair.

copyright dream bizarre 2006

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Plane Crash Dream

After having my main sleep I fell asleep briefly in the morning again and had a dream, I saw a 747 not that far from the airport its supposed to land at, like I was watching the plane on a tracking screen and seeing the actual plane(hard to explain).

Then the plane did an unexpected sharp right hand turn and then appeared to stop, and appeared to start spinning on the spot above shallowish water(ocean or lake etc) faster and faster until the lake or ocean underneith was forced to rise upunexpectedly and engulf the plane.

For a split second the plane could'nt be seen but then to my horror I saw the plane plunge into the water below at right angles, I saw what appeared to be 2-3 rescue people pulling one survivor to safety.

(In the dream this incident happened in Australia and the plane was owned by Qantas but I could be mistaken (but the dream was as plain as day & cruel in that I had to watch the plane crash). The crash occured in the daytime but not sure at what time,and during the whole incident there was something or someone with me watching the whole thing, I had a feeling that they knew someone on the plane. This something or someone was 'quiet' throughout the whole ordeal).

Dream occurred on 8/9/05

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Thursday, October 26, 2006


In this dream we're playing with some sort of foreign or alien device,its shaped like an oversize lobster or oyster shell and the top part is opened up but still connected.

In side the surface is black shiny glassy materialand around the front are 5 roundish touchscreen buttons outlined by brown lines and there is a small screen after the touch buttons.I'm not sure where the sound came from but when I touched one of the buttons on the screen the inside of a plane or object appeared on the screen.A girl said 'hello' twice and I said 'hello',this communication device was very alien looking(not of earth).

Dream occured on 26/05/00
copyright 2006 dream bizarre


In this dream I'm some sort of apparition who hangs around this huge church and its grounds,and I think new software is being installed on the churchs computer system.I'm flying around the church and its grounds like a bird and I'm singing like a female opera singer,everyone on the grounds is scrared and puzzled.

The churchs walls are made out of dark blocks of stone,just before I woke my spirit was soaring upwards.

Dream occured on 10/05/00
copyright 2006 dream bizarre

Panadol Tablets

In this dream I was in a supermarket apparently I was there for some panadol tablets,but the isle they were in was blocked off with bars and ropes so I had to walk around and get access from the other end.There might have been something wrong with the tablets.

(On the 06/06/00 lasting about a month there was an extortion atempt on the Panadol company in Australia,someone had tampered with the tablets and they were taken off the market for about a month).

This dream occured on 02/14/00

copyright 2006 dream bizarre

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Alien World Dream

In this dream I'm travelling with someone in the air over small mountains,tree's,green fields and a few city's.We're not in a plane so I'm not sure what is transporting us as I can only see the scenery below and in front of me.

Now I'm in a medium-large size room with low ceilings,at least 10 of the human-like beings are standing around the room and there's about two or three older gentlemen who are asking most the questions.Most are about 'earth' and I remember answering: 'that Australia is very democratic and free,but I sense these people's thoughts about earth were quite 'negative'.I kept on seeing images of instruments or the actual instruments around me,drums was a main one.There was at least 4 other earthlings with me but I think the aliens jus put them there for familarity.

I was getting an odd or bad feeling about these people,a girl standing not far from me 'cautioned' to me for some reason,I think I said out loud to these people:- "your not being honest with us and you keep your people enslaved on this planet".The human-like beings took me aside to another room,as they stood or sat around the room in front of me I had a good feeling about them,they were going to be more honest about who they are.

One man started playing a drumkit like thing with 'whitish transparent sculpted blocks protruding from it which he struck softly with dark coloured rounded stones',there was also a kick and snare but I dont believe they were real,jus there for familarity.It's hard to remember the music produced but it was complex,relaxing and consisted of 'more instruments' than jus the one.

The aliens must of knew our time was coming to an end and wished to leave a good impression and leave me feeling happy,now I wake up and it's over.

(It definaetly felt like an "astral travel" rather than a dream).

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