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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Plane Crash Dream Involving Chinese Airways Plane

I see a type Chinese airways plane at the bottom of a hill coming slowly up the middle of the road towards a runway that doesn't exist in that area. All a sudden the plane splits in two in the middle area, both front and back sections of the plane crash to the ground. But the back section of the plane where it separated seems to rise up higher before crashing to the ground, and at that moment when it rose up higher I could see the passenger seats & could also see that there was quite a lot of passengers in the plane.

I have no idea whether any passengers died or were injured, but I did get a bad feeling whilst watching the plane split apart. The plane I think was mainly white in colour and the accident occurred in daytime hours.

Tell me if you've had a similar dream?

dream date: 15/02/06

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