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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Two Me's Dream

I think I live in a village in some part of the world. In this dream I'm a different person with a beard and lightly colored hair with facial features ever so slightly resembling Tim Allen(from the show 'Home Improvement').

I arrive home at my village and I'm with some other people also,I get past a large hut and there's a human head on a stick. I'm shocked to see that the bodyless head is identical to my head and its alive and talking to me and other people.

For a split second I think about killing it but then decide against that,but I'm thinking - how the hell am I suppose to live my life while this talking head on a stick is alive and is a dead ringer of myself. While I was at the village it was nightime.


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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mums Psychic Experience

When my mother called me up a couple of weeks back she began telling me about an experience she had whilst watching the Opra Winfrey show,she say's she was holding a pen and just idly doodling on a blank piece of paper doing nothing intelligible whatsoever like we all do at some point. She was'nt looking at the piece of paper whilst doodling either.

But when there was a tv ad break she then looked down at the piece of paper and to her amazement saw a written message which said " Hello beautiful love you always, Borris " (I havn't seen the message yet,but those were the words used). The person Borris was 1 of my mums ex-boyfriends who tragically died quite a few years back from cancer I think.

I remember my mum years ago going to visit Borris whilst he was in the hospital,she felt so sorry for this man but at the same time was desperaetly trying to pull away from him cause of his condition mainly. I remember my mum saying that she never really loved borris but it was very difficult for her cause he loved her so much and he did'nt really have much family and friends around him to visit and help him when he got sick. My mum felt obligated to him,her compassion knows no bounds'.

My sister lives close to my mums place and has seen the message,she said to mum that the message is not even in her 'handwriting', its someone elses.
When I'm down again at mums house I'l take a photo of the message and put it on the blog here for everyone to have a look.

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This post is dedicated to 'Borris',
May he rest in peace .

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Plane Crash Dream Involving Chinese Airways Plane

I see a type Chinese airways plane at the bottom of a hill coming slowly up the middle of the road towards a runway that doesn't exist in that area. All a sudden the plane splits in two in the middle area, both front and back sections of the plane crash to the ground. But the back section of the plane where it separated seems to rise up higher before crashing to the ground, and at that moment when it rose up higher I could see the passenger seats & could also see that there was quite a lot of passengers in the plane.

I have no idea whether any passengers died or were injured, but I did get a bad feeling whilst watching the plane split apart. The plane I think was mainly white in colour and the accident occurred in daytime hours.

Tell me if you've had a similar dream?

dream date: 15/02/06

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Haunted Apartment Dream

Me and a friend of mine are inside an upstairs apartment which has been abandoned for a long time,we're inside the kitchen which is the first room as you enter the apartment.The kitchen is spacious and the front door is wood with the top half being 9 squares of wood framed glass,the apartment/house is double storey and the stairs start from the back of the kitchen adjacent to the 1st bedroom.

The first couple of steps starts flush with the kitchen and then curves left so the majority of the staircase is flush with the back wall.I think my friend was exploring the 1st bedroom but now his getting strangled by an unknown force and it won't let me get to my friend.

Now I'm in some other place with other people and I'm not sure what we're doing but we're probably in a car.I'm going up stairs now in an apartment block up to the top floor where that apartment/house is located in where my friend was strangled,now I'm outside the apartment and I push open a side window but 2 seconds later an invisible force has pushed it shut from the inside and I cant budge it.

Now I'm standing in the kitchen as an onlooker to a time back in the apartments history,there's a family that live's there.I can see a middle-age man&woman talking in the kitchen area,then the woman goes into the bedroom adjacent to the kitchen.The husband is holding an axe and is about to go upstairs and kill their 2 kids.

The apartment looked different in this scene having different colour schemes and is much newer looking than it is in reality'.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Silver UFO Dream

I'm in a car with my wife and 2 son's and my wife sylvie is driving,we're already past the city of geelong somewhere.I looked to my left out the window and to my great surprise I saw a classic looking silver coloured saucer UFO with 2 landing feet protruding from underneath the craft.But the craft stayed in the sky about half a mile from our position.

I alerted my wife about it and got her to look out the right side window cause the object had changed position and was now to the right side of our car but still half a mile away,my wife was shocked to see it too and I remember feeling so excited as I was positive this was real and not a dream.

Now we're in our house which is not the same house where we're living now,we're in the back part which is sort of an indoor porch with a thin whitish colour wooden door with 'fly screen' as its window,leading to our backyard which has palm tree's around it.

As I look out to the backyard I alerted sylvie to look at a palm tree high in the sky being towed by the UFO located about 60 metre's above the tree (amazing site).Now it's not a palm tree anymore,it's parachute after parachute finishing the chain of parachute's close to our backdoor'.


My Comments

Now I seriously doubt that a ufo/aliens would have any interest in stealing a palm tree(or would they? lol),I'm stumped as to the meanings of this dream. But sometimes having ufo's in your dreams can mean that your longing to find a spiritual purpose in your life(which I am),can feel alienated from people around you(sometimes yes),can indicate your a little spacey/and have a spaced out attitude-you need to get more grounded and come back to reality(well that part sounds like a load of hogwash,cause as a person becomes more spiritual you tend to view the world in a whole different light!).

Dream Dictionary

Here's a dream dictionary for your convenience,if it does come up with info for you jus regard it as a guide and NOT gospel. Remeber,your the best person to interpret the meaning of YOUR own dreams,but this tool 'might' also be helpful.

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