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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mums Psychic Experience

When my mother called me up a couple of weeks back she began telling me about an experience she had whilst watching the Opra Winfrey show,she say's she was holding a pen and just idly doodling on a blank piece of paper doing nothing intelligible whatsoever like we all do at some point. She was'nt looking at the piece of paper whilst doodling either.

But when there was a tv ad break she then looked down at the piece of paper and to her amazement saw a written message which said " Hello beautiful love you always, Borris " (I havn't seen the message yet,but those were the words used). The person Borris was 1 of my mums ex-boyfriends who tragically died quite a few years back from cancer I think.

I remember my mum years ago going to visit Borris whilst he was in the hospital,she felt so sorry for this man but at the same time was desperaetly trying to pull away from him cause of his condition mainly. I remember my mum saying that she never really loved borris but it was very difficult for her cause he loved her so much and he did'nt really have much family and friends around him to visit and help him when he got sick. My mum felt obligated to him,her compassion knows no bounds'.

My sister lives close to my mums place and has seen the message,she said to mum that the message is not even in her 'handwriting', its someone elses.
When I'm down again at mums house I'l take a photo of the message and put it on the blog here for everyone to have a look.

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This post is dedicated to 'Borris',
May he rest in peace .

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This freaked my wife out on a couple of occasions, and recently she also dreamed something that came true. This got her excited, and I'm sure many of you have or will see a future event in you're dreams.

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