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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dream About Finding Myself On An Alien Planet

Its interesting,I have had a past dream of being taken to an alien planet which you can find in one of my previous postings'. But this dream had 2 parts to it: All a sudden I found myself on another world altogether with another guy who is from earth also supposedly, he's slightly overweight with shortish hair thats a dirty blond color. I don't remember the first place I was in but I jus remember driving round in this very slick & modern SVU with the other guy who's supposed to be from earth.

I'd describe the SVU as a cross between a range rover and something else,it had loads of hightech electronics & instrumentation I had no clue how to use. The city area I was in was very similar to earth cities but most the names of shops were different and stuff I've never heard of before. I was going down a main road passing by lots of shops and I passed a restaurant called O"nyx . The language I saw used around the city was very similar to english but I did'nt recognize most of the words I saw, but the exception would be the 'COCACOLA' sign I saw which had a red background & the writing was in white.

There was also 1 or 2 signs welcoming me to the planet or city which I found strange but I was pleasantly surprised by it,one of the signs had the word 'aussie' on it. We drove past 2 females in their 20's with longish blond or dark blond hair and both had on dark eye shadow(makeup),a few minutes later they were sitting in the back seat of our car,they looked like they were out for a night on the town. This city had a friendly vibe/feel about it & certain elements were more advanced than on earth.

Close to the end of the dream I've stopped the car and have the drivers door open and I'm standing on the ground leaning into the car trying to locate the volume switch for the stereo so I could turn it down. The music was quite loud but now a male deejays voice came on the radio and announced the name of the radio station which was: "j rock".(I looked up 'j rock' and found it stands for 'japanese rock music', up until now I never knew japanese rock music even existed! And being that I'm a musician/writer/producer,i do find this interesting. )

(part 2)
Back on earth now I'm in a building which is a food place owned by chinese people who were to my right,but sitting on my left was a solid well built man with shortish blond hair and possibly wearing white color clothes. He's eating a meal consisting of a large thin chicken snitzchel&veggies,spread over the top of the snitzchel is white herb sauce. I think his eaten some of the veggies and now has some snitzchel on his fork, I ask him if people are vegetarians on his planet but he doesn't answer me.
I was'nt sure whether he was being arrogant or not,but now he's walking off with an earth woman and I know he is taking her back to his planet.

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  1. Interesting, you are lucky to dream this dream. This may reflects that you are usually willing to travel through space to another planet.

  2. I remember dreaming that I was in Venus and was really scared because I searched high and low for humans and there was no one else in that vast planet but me. I cried in the dream and woke up still crying.

  3. This was a great share. I hope you can share to us some more. Thanks

  4. I certainly agree to some points that you have discussed on this post. I appreciate that you have shared some reliable tips on this review.


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