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Monday, August 13, 2012

Asteroid Threat - US Military Brings Equipment & Personal/Civilians To Australia Dream

Part 1. I'm walking along a road which runs alongside a beach area in Melbourne, there's military equipment neatly positioned along the beach & on sand islands in the shore area. I can see about 6 small sand islands with a large helicopter on each, I'm walking on the sand now and walk past a few very tall parts from submarines, the US has brought lots of personal and civilians have been transported here in the submarines.

I woke up briefly after this dream but somehow I knew it was not yet complete and it will continue, I fell asleep again and had a totally unrelated dream, then after this the other dream continued and here's part 2...

Part 2. It's night time & I'm standing outside with someone, the US military is all around and now a large rock from an asteroid rockets past horizontally over our heads and crashes to earth about a mile away, moments later another rock fly's over our heads at great speed and hits land about a mile or less away, and every time a rock hits the ground there's a big explosion, I think the soldiers feel a little helpless as they watch the asteroid rocks zoom over head and crash to earth.

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This freaked my wife out on a couple of occasions, and recently she also dreamed something that came true. This got her excited, and I'm sure many of you have or will see a future event in you're dreams.

Oh yeah, I'm also a musician and producer/songwriter and I have a deep interest in most things psychic, supernatural and alien, I also have interests in electronics and physics.