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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Elvis Dream

In this dream I'm in an aldi or regular supermarket and a black guy and elvis is with me,elvis looks like his in his 20's,very handsome and his hair style is more modern looking than his hair styles in the past.He's a quiet and slightly odd type of character and rather distant,I'm grabbing items from the supermarket shelf in the dairy section and me and the black guy excitedly talk about us easily getting gigs and other big opportunity's having elvis singing with us cause people dont know that he's alive now and think his still dead.

I'm mainly talking about agents etc and in my emotional state I say: f**k them,but elvis suddenly speaks like his feeling angry and it's like I've insulted him.He asks me what do I mean,so I explain to him the usual things that bands and artists have to go through now with agents,venues,record companies etc..,but I must of explained it very quickly cause I don't remember what I said.

Elvis is now waiting outside for us in the car,the black guy straps a greenish colour bag on my back which contains the items we were getting from the supermarket,but he wants me to walk out stealing the items but I strongly protest and said that I'll pay for the items.Now we're in a hilly area out of the city and right in front of us is a large carnival with rides of all sorts and full of people local to that area,I think elvis says 'hi ' etc to some of the people working at the carnival.

I'm getting the feeling that some of the people working at the carnival were connected to elvis at some point in his life when he was alive.There was a middle age man who was maybe short and wearing a dark colour aprin working outside in the carnival who was very friendly to elvis without knowing it was him,and I think he said to his friends that this guy looks like elvis.

Elvis did sing at some point in this dream but I dont remember at which times specifically,but I know that whilst we were at the carnival he did sing at some point.He sung someone elses song and I do know the song but can't remember what it is now.It was nightime whilst we were at the carnival.

(In this dream I had the distinct feeling that I was not in control of things especially - elvis ,he was quite intimidating sometimes and I had to be careful of what I said around him.This was unlike any other dream I've had,in this I could feel elvis's presence like he was there with me.
In a normal dream constructed by your sub-concious and mind,the characters have a synthetic quality about them,they're there but they're not(you know that their a construct of your mind and subconcious,and if your wandering - yes I am a musician and have been since I was 7 years of age).

dream recorded: 13/02/06 copyright dreambizarre

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Here's a dream dictionary for your convenience,if it does come up with info for you jus regard it as a guide and NOT gospel. Remeber,your the best person to interpret the meaning of YOUR own dreams,but this tool 'might' also be helpful.

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I've been writing down my dreams for about 11 years now, but they still often surprise me with something unexpected. You might find this hard to believe, but I am often given glimpses of future events through my dreams.

This freaked my wife out on a couple of occasions, and recently she also dreamed something that came true. This got her excited, and I'm sure many of you have or will see a future event in you're dreams.

Oh yeah, I'm also a musician and producer/songwriter and I have a deep interest in most things psychic, supernatural and alien, I also have interests in electronics and physics.