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Friday, September 28, 2007

Tram Crash Dream

This is a *Precognitive* dream I had on monday 24/09/07 at about 9am in the morning.

I was in Geelong in the newcomb highschool/safeway shopping center area late at night,I think previously I had been in some sort of nightclub or entertainment venue.I was walking on a footpath towards a plus sign intersection with traffic lights,I was looking a lot further up the road to see if the late night bus was coming.While I was thinking about the bus I saw in the distance a bus pullout of a side street onto the main road and coming in my direction but still far away.

All of a sudden a long double tram of the type I see in Melbourne entered the intersection from my right,it was turning left into the main road I was walking along but it must of been going too fast.As it was completing the turn it flipped over onto its side and slid along the road for a couple of metres.The tram had passengers onboard and was also filled with people and children seated at tables dining,the tram almost covered the width of the 4 lane road.There were men at 2 ends of the tram lifting part of it,most of the diner's appeared to be ok and now I found myself on the right corner of the tram helping to lift it whilst other people were underneath trying to help the passengers.

Like I said everyone appeared to be ok but I had a sinister feeling,I felt I hadn't been given the whole story about the well being of all of the passengers.I felt there had been deaths also,and the driver of the tram was only new to the job and I could'nt for the life of me understand why there was not an instructor on the tram helping and instructing the inexperienced driver.The outside of the tram was green in colour and whilst we lifted the tram it appeared to be 50% shorter in length and the window frames where the diners were located was made out of wood that had been carved to form fancy patterns and shapes.

After I Woke Up
(I went to the loungeroom and told my wife about the dream,on this morning she was going to be off to the market to do shopping and would be catching a tram to get there.After I told her about my dream she decided against going by tram and caught the bus instead.At about 2.20pm my mum called me to talk about my music,she also mentioned that she saw on the news that there was a bad tram crash that happened at around 10am that morning in st kilda rd,Melbourne.Later this day I saw the news and it said the crash involved 2 trams,12 people were injured and taken to hospital including 1 of the tram drivers who was seriously injured.
A tram was waiting at an intersection with traffic lights and another tram of the same type slammed into the back of it at high speed,the trams were both long double trams which were white in colour with a thick 'green' line pattern (at least 2-3 foot in width) which run the length of the trams.These lines were on both sides of the trams).

My Thoughts
There's obviously inconsistencies between my dream and the actual tram accident ,but I believe certain elements in my dream were symbols that meant something else.For instance the diners I mentioned,this would be a symbol meaning that there were some passengers maybe having a snack,sipping on cans/bottols of drink.The tram was a double tram like the one in my dreams but the real trams were newer models which look more modern.I had the colour scheme partially correct with the colour green but the main background colour of the trams was white but had the large green line pattern that run the length of the trams,also in my dream there was only 1 tram but the actual incident involved 2 trams.

In my dream the tram was travelling too fast and in the actual accident the second tram was travelling at a high speed when it slammed into the back of the tram at the intersection.In my dream it referred to the driver as inexperienced,I believe it was meaning to say that the driver of the second tram was at fault,was probably distracted and not fully aware of what was going on,which could be an indication of a less experienced driver'.In my dream the accident occurred at a major intersection with traffic lights just like the actual accident,in my dream the accident occurred in the city of Geelong but the actual incident happened in Melbourne which is about 70-80km's from Geelong.The city of Geelong does not have trams but I was having another dream at the time and the tram jus seemed to come out of nowhere.
My dream occurred at about 9am that morning,about 1 hour before the actual tram accident".

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Put To Death By Electric Shock Dream

In this dream I was being put to death by electric shock, I was in some room and there was a dark green padded lying table in there which apparently had a high voltage current running through it. A few people were in the room watching, a middle age guy, a woman and someone else also.

I had to slip on half a padded vest and I felt tingly voltage like very strong static electricity running through my body, I was very scared but at the same time I thought I was invincible and now I had to put on the other half of the padded vest.

Now I was having trouble controlling my bodily functions - my face distorted and loud unfinished words started coming out my mouth without me consciously speaking them. I saw the middle age man leave the room then I knew that I was losing the battle, but I must have lost consciousness now and I was aware of a white light gradually growing stronger.

I thought to myself that I could'nt possibly be breathing anymore but I still felt alive in a different sense, then I gradually woke up from the vivid dream.

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Dream Of The Queen

In this dream my job is to chauffeur the queen around,at one point in the dream I'm bringing her back to the plush hotel where she is staying.There's a steep hill that leads to the hotel and I'm using my feet as 'brakes',I have to do it just right cause there is a steep embankment to go up at the front of the hotel.

I make it up the embankment with a little help from my feet,the onlookers are quite pleased with my efforts.Now I'm outside the vehicle kneeling down or something,I then stand up straight and the queen makes her way onto the grass which is a step down by herself.

There is a girl from the press who's been part of the whole thing from the outset,someone is arguing with her.

copyright dreambizarre

Sunday, July 01, 2007

UFO Dream

In this dream I'm in my bedroom but it's located in another house and I have a window facing north and another one facing south.As I look out the northern window a spherical shaped medium to large ufo approaches quite fast and passes overhead emitting a glassy machine like sound,slightly like the sound of a tank.

When I look out the other window I see a triangular shape ufo in the sky but its made out of thick bars all put together,and there doesn't seem to be any interior section to this object and it's slowly performing turns in the sky.

Telepathically I communicated the words "who are you" a few times over and the white spherical object turned around and came back towards my house!

copyright dreambizarre

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Elvis Dream

In this dream I'm in an aldi or regular supermarket and a black guy and elvis is with me,elvis looks like his in his 20's,very handsome and his hair style is more modern looking than his hair styles in the past.He's a quiet and slightly odd type of character and rather distant,I'm grabbing items from the supermarket shelf in the dairy section and me and the black guy excitedly talk about us easily getting gigs and other big opportunity's having elvis singing with us cause people dont know that he's alive now and think his still dead.

I'm mainly talking about agents etc and in my emotional state I say: f**k them,but elvis suddenly speaks like his feeling angry and it's like I've insulted him.He asks me what do I mean,so I explain to him the usual things that bands and artists have to go through now with agents,venues,record companies etc..,but I must of explained it very quickly cause I don't remember what I said.

Elvis is now waiting outside for us in the car,the black guy straps a greenish colour bag on my back which contains the items we were getting from the supermarket,but he wants me to walk out stealing the items but I strongly protest and said that I'll pay for the items.Now we're in a hilly area out of the city and right in front of us is a large carnival with rides of all sorts and full of people local to that area,I think elvis says 'hi ' etc to some of the people working at the carnival.

I'm getting the feeling that some of the people working at the carnival were connected to elvis at some point in his life when he was alive.There was a middle age man who was maybe short and wearing a dark colour aprin working outside in the carnival who was very friendly to elvis without knowing it was him,and I think he said to his friends that this guy looks like elvis.

Elvis did sing at some point in this dream but I dont remember at which times specifically,but I know that whilst we were at the carnival he did sing at some point.He sung someone elses song and I do know the song but can't remember what it is now.It was nightime whilst we were at the carnival.

(In this dream I had the distinct feeling that I was not in control of things especially - elvis ,he was quite intimidating sometimes and I had to be careful of what I said around him.This was unlike any other dream I've had,in this I could feel elvis's presence like he was there with me.
In a normal dream constructed by your sub-concious and mind,the characters have a synthetic quality about them,they're there but they're not(you know that their a construct of your mind and subconcious,and if your wandering - yes I am a musician and have been since I was 7 years of age).

dream recorded: 13/02/06 copyright dreambizarre

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