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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Alien World Dream

In this dream I'm travelling with someone in the air over small mountains,tree's,green fields and a few city's.We're not in a plane so I'm not sure what is transporting us as I can only see the scenery below and in front of me.

Now I'm in a medium-large size room with low ceilings,at least 10 of the human-like beings are standing around the room and there's about two or three older gentlemen who are asking most the questions.Most are about 'earth' and I remember answering: 'that Australia is very democratic and free,but I sense these people's thoughts about earth were quite 'negative'.I kept on seeing images of instruments or the actual instruments around me,drums was a main one.There was at least 4 other earthlings with me but I think the aliens jus put them there for familarity.

I was getting an odd or bad feeling about these people,a girl standing not far from me 'cautioned' to me for some reason,I think I said out loud to these people:- "your not being honest with us and you keep your people enslaved on this planet".The human-like beings took me aside to another room,as they stood or sat around the room in front of me I had a good feeling about them,they were going to be more honest about who they are.

One man started playing a drumkit like thing with 'whitish transparent sculpted blocks protruding from it which he struck softly with dark coloured rounded stones',there was also a kick and snare but I dont believe they were real,jus there for familarity.It's hard to remember the music produced but it was complex,relaxing and consisted of 'more instruments' than jus the one.

The aliens must of knew our time was coming to an end and wished to leave a good impression and leave me feeling happy,now I wake up and it's over.

(It definaetly felt like an "astral travel" rather than a dream).

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  2. Your experience looks very similar to me.

    I have had two dreams about alien while I was in sleep.

    It's very weird feeling to me.

    I started to record only vivid dream for finding out my past lives through dreams few months ago.

    I got into UFO or alien stuff years ago but not seriously at all, just curiosity.

    These two dreams make me wonder. One dream I was visiting another planet with an alien.
    The latest dream I spent with an alien on Earth, who are same shape as human being unless he would say 'I'm an alien.'
    Also there were 5 spirital beings.

    I write down whenever I have vivid dreams to track back and analyze later.

    My e-mail is efx.ninenineone at gmail dot com

    1. The more details you can write down about your dreams the better, helps with dream recall.

      I'm a firm believer that vivid dreams almost always mean that the dream was something MORE than just ramblings from your subconscious.

  3. I had a dream last night that I traveled in a sort of capsule that was transparent with three babies with blonde hair. They were giggling and the capsule had gravity pulling us faster than the speed of light I than met an alien man who looked human. I asked him if I could visit the nearest planet with people. He said to me they had never met anyone from Earth before and took me there. The place was green and hills around me. The people looked human but has eyes that shined and they smiled and radiated love towards me. I waved and smiled back and told one of them my name....and they all started repeating my name. I told them of the blue planet Earth and they treated me so kindly and like I was a celebrity or something. I kept waving hello and smiling and the alien man who was navigating me I wrapped my arms around him from behind like a piggy back ride and he could move both of us around 35 MPH very fast though the country side. ANd then I awoke! Wow it was so real like a movie!

    1. That's excellent recall, the details are awesome like the fact you could remember the speed you were traveling at through the countryside.

      I believe you unknowingly astral travelled to the place you described, most people would not come to the same conclusion, but I do know a little of what's possible.


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