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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Plane Crash Dream

After having my main sleep I fell asleep briefly in the morning again and had a dream, I saw a 747 not that far from the airport its supposed to land at, like I was watching the plane on a tracking screen and seeing the actual plane(hard to explain).

Then the plane did an unexpected sharp right hand turn and then appeared to stop, and appeared to start spinning on the spot above shallowish water(ocean or lake etc) faster and faster until the lake or ocean underneith was forced to rise upunexpectedly and engulf the plane.

For a split second the plane could'nt be seen but then to my horror I saw the plane plunge into the water below at right angles, I saw what appeared to be 2-3 rescue people pulling one survivor to safety.

(In the dream this incident happened in Australia and the plane was owned by Qantas but I could be mistaken (but the dream was as plain as day & cruel in that I had to watch the plane crash). The crash occured in the daytime but not sure at what time,and during the whole incident there was something or someone with me watching the whole thing, I had a feeling that they knew someone on the plane. This something or someone was 'quiet' throughout the whole ordeal).

Dream occurred on 8/9/05

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  1. This is a cool blog, i also record my dreams but havent in a while, think ill put them in my blog as well, i have alot recorded at

  2. That is a scary dream. I remember having a similar dream before and I was the lone survivor of the crash which was really weird because I couldn't even remember if I was on the plane in the first place!

  3. Hi guys,.Great read about the Plane Crash Dream,.Keep sharing,.

  4. I had one were i flew back from Australia and my plane crashed in water and my seatbelt was stuck. Everyone else was able to get out.. Very scary

    1. hi, that IS scary.

      Could be some meanings in that dream that relate to your life at the moment, possibly?

      I'd focus on the parts:

      Being stuck underwater & the fact that everyone else could escape Except for you.

  5. I used to dream the same thing and I always woke up screaming and struggling. I don't know but something happened and the dream was replaced by flying over houses though still crashing on the ground lol.

  6. I did dream like that several times and I was so scared! Good thing my brother is just in the other side of the room and he always wakes me up.

  7. Our subconscious minds sometimes crosses the boundery of reality and dreams more so if we have huge problems that messes with our minds.


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