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Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm Janet Jackson & I'm Doing a Concert With My Brother Michael Jackson - Dream

In this dream I've become Janet Jackson and I'm doing a huge live concert with my brother Michael Jackson. At first I keep climbing purpose built stairs at the front of the stage, this is so I can look into a button size sensor that triggers a complex light into action.

I've tried this twice without success, but now the sensor turns into a large widescreen tv showing footage of our live concert.

I'm on stage now with michael doing our duet song "Scream", I'm feeling very nervous can hear the huge crowd going nuts. All my dance moves seem to be on autopilot, another words I can't feel myself doing them but I can hear and feel myself singing.

It came time to do my verse and I forgot all the words, so I just sung the melody softly using gibberish. The backup singer/dancers were throwing looks my way, sometimes cutting in and singing some of the backing parts I forgot.

I was feeling quite humiliated and now it came to my part again, I was singing(well mumbling)and then saw michael come towards Me and hand me my microphone.

At this point the 4-5 backup singer/dancers walked past me towards back of stage, I still couldn't believe I forgot to use my mic. Now I sang a couple of ad libs to prove to myself I could still sing, earlier the backup singer/dancers sounded better than me.

The backup singer/dancers were all female, 2-3 of the youngest ones looked like they were sisters or twins.
I realized now that I hadn't warmed up my voice before the concert. But Michael's performance was fantastic as you'd expect!


  1. I think MJ's dreams will come true with JJ. good one. Bookmarked

  2. Thanks alot mate Admin, this is a really nice duet :) I’m bookmarking this page!!

  3. This is the page that I was looking for, Thanks & Keep Rocking!!!

  4. just when I ran out of MJ's mentioned on google and other blogs, we get this. great!
    Thanks alot mate, this is a really nice info :)

  5. Have to say this was definitely a new dream I have never heard in all my years of dream analysis and energy healing work! Nice post though and very detailed! Keep up the great dream recall work!

  6. This was so cool! I don't think I have ever had dreams like that. You have wonderful recall on them! Thanks for the post and I will have to do better with my own dream state! I am going to share with my holistic approach share group!

  7. I wish, but Ive never heard anything about them giving free Janet Jackson tickets where I live.

  8. I would have loved to be there! one of my favorite artists.

  9. Hi, Janet. You are doing a really work. Anyway, it is really listen to some of your great words here in this article. I love your post and look forward more post from you. I appreciate your work.

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