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Monday, April 13, 2009

Spirit standing behind me as I practice piano

Thought people might find this interesting,I'm 38 yr's old now and this experience happened when I was around 13.

Back then I was still learning classical piano and I was heavily into it and of course I wanted to be the next great piano virtuoso,and I was practicing around 6-7 hours a day sometimes driving my mother nuts as most the time I would be doing various scales which can get tedious to even the most patient of people.

On this particular day I was in the loungeroom practicing on my mums partners baby grand piano which he had so kindly moved into our house (well at least until the day my mum and him broke up,the piano was the first thing he moved out). Anyway i was practicing this day,i think i was practicing compositions from Mozart and my mum was sitting off to the side on the sofa reading a book or magazine,after I stopped playing she had this look on her face of amazement.

Then she told me that while she was reading her book my playing suddenly changed and became 1 of the most beautiful things she's ever heard,this made her raise her head and she was shocked to see this man standing behind me with 1 of his hands placed on my shoulder. She said the man resembled one of the great classical composers of yesteryear,his clothing looked like something from the 18th century she thought. It was like a long thick gown/coat with lots of buttons on the front.

Well i was pretty damn amazed to say the least and felt pretty special. If I remember rightly whilst I was playing I don't think I had any odd feelings,but then again reading complex classical sheet music,I was probably too focused on that to notice any strange feelings.

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  1. Wow, this is an amazing experience! I would see this as something of a sign (like a premonition) that you would grow up to become a great piano player virtuoso! What happened to your piano playing? Do you still play? I could see in your sidebar profile that you're a professional musician and producer/songwriter by trade today, so there must have been some foreshadowing in that vision. Wow, that's really something. That's a great spiritual/psychic/supernatural/ethereal vision your mother had back then.

  2. This happened to me too but not like what you have experienced. It was all true to me..

  3. A follow up on this. A week ago it was my dead brother's birthday and somehow I knew he's just around watching.

  4. @starlight

    yep I'm still playing and have done some high profile stuff which mainly benefited other artists.

    These days I'm mainly doing it to benefit myself,

    I wouldn't call myself a virtuoso but I am pretty modest also. I once saw a spirit with my own eyes, it was like a large ball of offish white light.

    I'll probably post about that experience at some stage.


  5. @free online dating

    sorry to hear your brother passed, and yes what you felt was most surely him trying to make his presence known.

    Spirits will usually make contact through dreams and meditation also, I speak from experience here.


  6. Very informative, keep posting such good articles, it really helps to know about things.


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