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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Haunted Apartment Dream

Me and a friend of mine are inside an upstairs apartment which has been abandoned for a long time,we're inside the kitchen which is the first room as you enter the apartment.The kitchen is spacious and the front door is wood with the top half being 9 squares of wood framed glass,the apartment/house is double storey and the stairs start from the back of the kitchen adjacent to the 1st bedroom.

The first couple of steps starts flush with the kitchen and then curves left so the majority of the staircase is flush with the back wall.I think my friend was exploring the 1st bedroom but now his getting strangled by an unknown force and it won't let me get to my friend.

Now I'm in some other place with other people and I'm not sure what we're doing but we're probably in a car.I'm going up stairs now in an apartment block up to the top floor where that apartment/house is located in where my friend was strangled,now I'm outside the apartment and I push open a side window but 2 seconds later an invisible force has pushed it shut from the inside and I cant budge it.

Now I'm standing in the kitchen as an onlooker to a time back in the apartments history,there's a family that live's there.I can see a middle-age man&woman talking in the kitchen area,then the woman goes into the bedroom adjacent to the kitchen.The husband is holding an axe and is about to go upstairs and kill their 2 kids.

The apartment looked different in this scene having different colour schemes and is much newer looking than it is in reality'.

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