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Sunday, July 01, 2007

UFO Dream

In this dream I'm in my bedroom but it's located in another house and I have a window facing north and another one facing south.As I look out the northern window a spherical shaped medium to large ufo approaches quite fast and passes overhead emitting a glassy machine like sound,slightly like the sound of a tank.

When I look out the other window I see a triangular shape ufo in the sky but its made out of thick bars all put together,and there doesn't seem to be any interior section to this object and it's slowly performing turns in the sky.

Telepathically I communicated the words "who are you" a few times over and the white spherical object turned around and came back towards my house!

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  1. I had a similar dream but in mine I was under the ufo and felt a energy that froze me solid and hurt my head like a bad head ache and I was super scared then it left and I was fine and I was so worryed it was following me

  2. Wow thats quite weird. An abductee I spoke to a while back said that many people get abducted but few ever remember it.

    He said point blank that if your having ufo related dreams often, then chances are you have been abducted at some point or another. Jus something for you to think about cause your dream, to me, sounds like something more than an everyday dream.

  3. I had a ufo dream and it was fantastic.
    It just showed up over a normal florida day and then it became dark and had two engine like mechanisms on both sides, may have been 6 sides (from the front) including the bottom; Full of color, every color you could possibly imagine.
    made a suction sound and all the atoms became dissociated, like stars.
    anyone else?

  4. Thankx for your input jennifer, your dream sounds truly fascinating. You have some interesting details in your dream, you say the atoms became dissociated. Sounds like the alien craft could dematerialize".

  5. I had my first ufo dream. I was in a small airplane with people I don't know. 2 women and about 10 children. I looked out the window of the plane as we were landing and seen a ufo. It was incredibly beautiful. more of a geometric shape and blue and silver in color except for the bottom which was "burnt orange" color. It was hovering about 20 feet off of the ground and no one but, me could see it. It had a very calm feeling if that makes any sense.

  6. @anonymous


    Yep, many people do have a very calm feeling when coming into close contact with a ufo. But the beings inside these ufo's do use their technology and telepathy to achieve this.

    thankx for your story, nice stuff.

  7. My first and actually only UFO's dream happened at night, probably where I live in Quebec City, just after the club's last call. I first noticed +/- 3 triangular UFO's to the north, heading west. Some blue/yellow/pink lights appeared behind the UFO's and on every side, not in the center...I never felt this kind of sensation neither in my life, nor in a dream before. I felled like very anxious and powerless at this time. Just after this view, I saw a numberless of rectangular UFO's all around me in the sky but there were no lights opened on theses.

    So I suddenly ran away (nowhere, actually) eyes opened and suddenly saw strange enormous enlightened letters in the sky: Try to save through you. And then, I closed my eyes (still running) and I felt an enormous pressure inside my body just like if my soul was about to quit my body but I suddenly waked up ... feeling very confused of the nature and the clarity of my dream :)

    Finally (dont know why) I remembered to had ask to one of my friend (before seeing thoses UFO's) in what year we were and he answered me: 2002. Its a dream so...make no sense at all, or maybe yes!!

  8. Aaron (admin)10/11/2010 5:08 PM

    Thanks for sharing that I found it very interesting. Look, to me it does sound more than just a mere dream and I would go as far as saying that you were abducted by ET's whilst you slept.

    Believe me it's much more common than you think!

  9. Ok, i see there are many people with strange UFO dreams so I want to share mine to.
    I was dreaming about ordinary things when sudenly I am lying on a beach sunbathing. This beach I was on last time more than 20 years ago in Croatia. I am looking at the sky when a flying object looking like a helicopter appears on the sky and "Deploys" x shaped wings. Other objects like drones fly out of this "helicopter" and fly very fast toward the beach where they start,hmm.. the best word that comes to me is interogating people. One of them commes over me and paralyzes me whyle interogating. I hear a voice of the machine saying my name and a combination of letters burns before my eyes and then i wakeup. I do not know why but i took a pencil and wrote this letters. Here they are, SFENRALIG. maybe some one can find a meaning .

  10. I have a recurring dream that i am inside of a house/apartment with some people, and suddenly everybody gets a little nervous because we see various objects (ufos) flying around town. They clearly look like satellites and fly very low height, but in the dream we know what they are and we know they are there to surveil our city - not just our house - the whole city. Eventually they will go, but everybody gets very tense while they are around. I am a christian and i dreamed about this 3 times at least..

  11. Sfenralig , sounds a bit german or swiss. Could'nt get anything from the main search engines, but maybe country specific search engines might turn up something. That was bizarre how the smaller machines came and interrogated onlookers on the beach.


    Your fellow church goers most likely would'nt like to hear about your dreams, but thanks for being open minded enough to share it here.

  12. This is a reply to Annonymous timestamped 11/20/2010 3:41 AM :

    I had the same dream a week ago. I was in my old apartment in my room getting ready for bed and I glanced out the window and saw that the skies turned a pinkish color. Then, from the corner of my eye I saw a UFO flying by. There were 2 more that zoomed over the window, it was so freaky I went out of my room and called out to my mom. My uncle warned me not to stay in my bed for they (the UFOs) will capture us from the ceiling and paralyze us. Really realistic dream.

  13. Primeplus3@aol.com1/15/2012 3:39 PM

    I too have have several dreams about UFO's, but also meteor and nucular holocausts. I've also drempt about tornadoes.

    I've seen what looked like an invasion force, UFO's landing everywhere while I was in my front yard.

    I've had 3 vivid dreams in my life where I've woke up and was completely paralyzed. There was a presence in my bedroom, or wherever I was sleeping and I felt pressure holding me down and something messing with the back of my neck. Then I black out. These dreams terrified me.

    In the last year I have had UFO dreams way more frequently. I've had dreams about planet X crashing into the earth, something crashing into the moon making it crash into the earth. Very strange stuff.

    Up until last night I've only drempt about seeing UFO's and them coming toward me. They would hover above a building I was in and I would get this weird feeling that I was being taken.

    Last night was probably the weirdest dream I've ever had. I was in an apartment that I've never been in. Me and my wife were sleeping and we woke up to a weird noise we went to the window and saw several craft coming towards us. I remember the sun was just starting to come up and we saw neighbors already outside watching the crafts approach. These craft looked triangular and had three white lights and one red light in the middle. Me and my wife went outside and walked over to a school parking lot across the street. There we saw one of these craft come over and hover above the parking lot. I beam of light came from the craft and levitated what looked like a pod of some sort down right next to we were standing. Here's where it get's freaky for me. I was afraid, and wasn't sure if they were friend of foe. I had this feeling that they wanted us to get in the pod and go with them.

    I asked them "Are you here to help us?" and I was shocked to get an answer. The voice answered in a mono toned voice, it sounded like there were multiple beings speaking at the same time. I got a one word answer, "YES". I then asked they wanted us to go with them and again they answered "YES". I was really scared at this point cause I wanted to go but I didn't know their true intentions. So I asked one final question, "If we go with you, how will you help us?" They said they were going to fly us to a place called Eden, Aden, of Iden. I'm not sure which one exactly but it was one of those. Just as we were going to go with them I woke up. This was one of the most realistic dreams I have ever had and they seem to be getting more frequent.

    If they meant "Eden" then I'm really freaked out about this dream because it makes me think that they were taking us to relocate us to another planet, maybe for a fresh start for humans. I really don't know but I guess it's open to interpretation.

    If anyone else had had a similar dream I'd love to hear from you. My e-mail address is Thank you.

    1.,i didn't have a similar dream but i did hve a UFO dream.Anyway,I think i figuered your dream out: the dream you had WAS from aliens.the way you described their personality makes me feel like they were good. they wanted to help you BY taking you and your wife to a planet like earth,but healthier.simple. I know some alien information by researching and from a boy who had strong connection with aliens.

  14. I just had the weirdest UFO dream. In my dream it was a sunny day and we were in town when we saw 2 huge disks fly past us in the sky. When I got home I looked out my window and past the trees I could see smoke and debris and I knew the UFOs had landed or maybe crashed there.
    In my dream I knew something bad would happen, all the animals ran from the crash site (like Dreamcatcher) and I tried to convince everyone to leave but they wouldn't listen.
    Throughout I had an ominous feeling but I woke up before anything happened. I couldn't convince anyone, it was very lonely and scary. Having bad feelings in UFO dreams isn't good, right?

    1. Thanks for contributing.

      Very interesting, I can indeed say that I've never had a dream that involved a ufo crashing.

      quote: Having bad feelings in UFO dreams isn't good, right?
      Maybe in some dreams but not in all.

  15. Okay,someone please show me this dream.I had a dream of my mom,sister and me in a car.However,something was different about my mom and sister.I don't know but anyway,my "mom" and "sister" drove to a country.And lo and behold I saw a UFO with 2 antennas capturing what looked like a women.I was shocked and tried to tell my "mom" "sister" about the UFO but they ignored me. Even peaple who were driving by ignored the UFO.When my "mom" was done passing by the UFO I was scared like crap and fell down like a dead person.


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