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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Put To Death By Electric Shock Dream

In this dream I was being put to death by electric shock, I was in some room and there was a dark green padded lying table in there which apparently had a high voltage current running through it. A few people were in the room watching, a middle age guy, a woman and someone else also.

I had to slip on half a padded vest and I felt tingly voltage like very strong static electricity running through my body, I was very scared but at the same time I thought I was invincible and now I had to put on the other half of the padded vest.

Now I was having trouble controlling my bodily functions - my face distorted and loud unfinished words started coming out my mouth without me consciously speaking them. I saw the middle age man leave the room then I knew that I was losing the battle, but I must have lost consciousness now and I was aware of a white light gradually growing stronger.

I thought to myself that I could'nt possibly be breathing anymore but I still felt alive in a different sense, then I gradually woke up from the vivid dream.

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  1. Wow that was really weird, cool. I've had some pretty weird dreams like that just not so vivid. I hardly ever remember my dreams really.

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  2. hi becky,yeah that dream pretty much freaked me out a little cause it came right out the blue.
    Who knows,maybe some ghost/spirit was trying to show me how they died".
    If you take a lot of notice of your dreams,you can really uncover some bizarre stuff like glimpes of future events,spirits communicating with you etc.


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