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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Two Me's Dream

I think I live in a village in some part of the world. In this dream I'm a different person with a beard and lightly colored hair with facial features ever so slightly resembling Tim Allen(from the show 'Home Improvement').

I arrive home at my village and I'm with some other people also,I get past a large hut and there's a human head on a stick. I'm shocked to see that the bodyless head is identical to my head and its alive and talking to me and other people.

For a split second I think about killing it but then decide against that,but I'm thinking - how the hell am I suppose to live my life while this talking head on a stick is alive and is a dead ringer of myself. While I was at the village it was nightime.


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  1. This could be a dream of lost and anxiety... try to conquer your fear,,, in dreams or in reality... there is a lot of meaning of this,, could be negative and or positive.

  2. My impression on this dream is that you will have a better life with your partners soon as you get onto the right age. However, you can meet this on possible life when you make thing positive.


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