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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Silver UFO Dream

I'm in a car with my wife and 2 son's and my wife sylvie is driving,we're already past the city of geelong somewhere.I looked to my left out the window and to my great surprise I saw a classic looking silver coloured saucer UFO with 2 landing feet protruding from underneath the craft.But the craft stayed in the sky about half a mile from our position.

I alerted my wife about it and got her to look out the right side window cause the object had changed position and was now to the right side of our car but still half a mile away,my wife was shocked to see it too and I remember feeling so excited as I was positive this was real and not a dream.

Now we're in our house which is not the same house where we're living now,we're in the back part which is sort of an indoor porch with a thin whitish colour wooden door with 'fly screen' as its window,leading to our backyard which has palm tree's around it.

As I look out to the backyard I alerted sylvie to look at a palm tree high in the sky being towed by the UFO located about 60 metre's above the tree (amazing site).Now it's not a palm tree anymore,it's parachute after parachute finishing the chain of parachute's close to our backdoor'.


My Comments

Now I seriously doubt that a ufo/aliens would have any interest in stealing a palm tree(or would they? lol),I'm stumped as to the meanings of this dream. But sometimes having ufo's in your dreams can mean that your longing to find a spiritual purpose in your life(which I am),can feel alienated from people around you(sometimes yes),can indicate your a little spacey/and have a spaced out attitude-you need to get more grounded and come back to reality(well that part sounds like a load of hogwash,cause as a person becomes more spiritual you tend to view the world in a whole different light!).


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